Tuesday, 27 February 2007

Crunchy Roti Canai

We are proud to announce that Roti Canai of all varieties are now available at Tok Li's.

You can have them with our Gulai Padang Special.

Enjoy your meal !

* Roti Kosong
* Roti Telur
* Roti Sardin
* Roti Boom
* Roti Tiga Rasa
* Roti Salad


Dad of Four said...

Tok Li - Thanks for visiting my blog. I sure will drop by your place, insya Allah. YOur place has been recommended by somebody, I cant remember for Ikan Patin masak Lemak! :)!

Tok Li said...

Dad of Four:

Thanks! We have Ikan Patin Masak Lemak Gulai Tempoyak that is gaining popularity now.

We have Tunjang Gulai (available in the weekends only) which you must try.

Please do drop by with your gang. :)


dotmatrix said...

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